My New Blogs

miathriver avatar2Hello all my followers. My blog posts are now divided by topic onto several blogs. It did not seem right to have a blog post about Homeschooling one day and then the next day have a blog post about being a Survivor of Abuse all on the same blog. Continue reading


Getting Tons Done, Stressing Less – Time Management

The Focus FunnelI have been getting so much done lately! I have been stressing a lot less!

A friend of mine posted this Blog post on facebook.

How to get more done when you have small kids.

That post lead me to this video

How To Multiply Your Time | Rory Vaden | TEDxDouglasville Continue reading

Crock Pot Cooking

no processed foods crock pot style1 600x400

Sometime in this last week. I was talking with my five year old. I had mentioned my crock pot in a conversation and he wanted to know what that was. I was surprised he did not know what a crock pot was. But as I thought about it, I really have not used my crock pot in a long time. Continue reading

Is it Ironic?

rain on wedding dayI collect songs on my DJ blog that resonate with where I am at emotionally at different times of my life. One of the many videos I have collected is Alanis Morissete’s song Ironic. I sang that son especially when all my efforts were working towards creating good in my life, yet everything around me seemed to be going against me. It all felt very Ironic, to work so hard towards a success and to continually see my success fall apart because of some outside force. Continue reading

Psalm 25

trust god

I just read this blog post
His Whisper [Son chuchotement, Su Whisper, 他耳语, Il suo Whisper] by Mon Ange

In this post she quotes Pslam 25 from the Passion Translation.

I found this part particularly beautiful. Continue reading

Thursday – Mom’s day off

So I have declared Thursday as Moms day off. Why? Because Thursday is the one day I am not running crazy busy ALL day, just PART of the day. So, no, I do not really get the whole day off. But I try to take some time in the day for me. Continue reading

Survivor’s Speak features my posts, twice.

I am always grateful to be freatured in a twitter I especially like the Survovir’s Speak This weeks paper featured two of my most recent posts.
Survivors speak 1
Continue reading